Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Gather community is to foster relationships first and foremost. We believe business, sales, referrals, and income is a natural side effect of building strong relationships. Therefore, we strongly discourage sending unsolicited messages to members with the sole intent to sell, especially when no prior relationship has been established.  


The private member-only FB group will be a place where members can share events, service/product info, special offers and more. We ask that members use good judgement when posting and not post about these topics excessively. 


In an effort to remain inclusive, we ask members to refrain from religious and political posts, emails and messages unless approved by the moderators. 


At this time, we are not a category exclusive community meaning that there may be multiple members in similar lines of work. We ask that members respect one another and, well, play nice in the sand box. 


If at any time a member feels that another member is 'spamming' or straying outside the rules of conduct, we ask that you inform the moderators first so we may take appropriate action. 

Payment & Events


All events will require advanced registration and payment (if applicable) through the provided event links on the Gather website. Event Coordinators reserve the right to prohibit admittance to an event if a member has not pre-registered and/or paid when applicable. 

We may take photos or videos at events and may use these for marketing purposes.