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Dina Tibbs - Amused Woman Studios LLC

Temple Keeper of Amused Woman Studios LLC


I'm Dina Tibbs. My sacred assignment is to inspire you towards stepping into your Magnificence.

I am the Temple Keeper of Amused Woman Studios, a safe and sacred physical and virtual space. All of my offerings are designed to help you create a deep relationship with you Inner Wisdom. I believe that when you make your life and business decisions from a place of complete trust in your Divinely given gifts, you create space for magic to happen.

Amused Woman Studios is a space for you to come to as a soft place to land to self-express, be who you are at a soul level, drop the masks, and be your magnificent and Divine self. Together we will develop a deeper connection to yourself and other women who can witness you and share wisdom with each other. When we work together, you'll be able to design your life and your sacred work from a place of harmony with your own rhythms. You'll feel in flow with life instead of pushing against the current. You will make choices in your life from a place of deep inner trust in your own wisdom, and in life.

At Amused Woman Studios the way we access our Inner Wisdom and develop that trust is through creative practices, and practices rooted in Feminine Wisdom that teach us that life is a creation and we are the artists. Some of the ways that are offered to access this wisdom are:

  • Painting, journaling and creative workshops designed to get you out of your head and into your heart.

  • Women’s transformational and wisdom sharing circles.

  • Life and Business Design programs rooted in honoring your rhythms and the rhythms of nature.

  • One on one and group programs that are a weaving together of many of the wisdom teachings and experiences I have been blessed to receive.





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