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Holly Hill - Spirit of the Herbs CBD Apothecary

Owner of Spirit of the Herbs CBD Apothecary


I’ve owned Spirit of the Herbs since 2013. I am a 700+ hour certified clinical and community herbalist. I managed a medical dispensary for a few years and was inspired to start my own business making natural CBD remedies and products that work. Our methods of alchemy and extraction part of the Wisewoman folk method traditions of our ancestors. These methods and the element of time are KEY to our process and what sets us apart from most other products on the market! We make salves, lip balms, bath bombs, tea blends, eye serums, body oils and more! Everything is made with intention and handcrafted by me, my best friend of twenty years and our small team! I also teach hands-on classes - making bath bombs, salt scrub, creams, vision boards, vision board candles, dream catcher making etc and education classes - I teach a 3 part (3 hours each class) workshop that teaches people ALL aspects of the cannabis and hemp world! I empower and educate people everything CBD and healing herbs! I’ve also held many huge goddess gatherings and clothing swap! I taught Cannabasana at The Beat for a few years!




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